About us - Xpressy Mobility

About us

Xpressy  is a technology company startup providing last mile logistics and personal transportation services. Our social mission is to improve the welfare and livelihoods of people through what people possess and what is easily accessible to them, what they essentially possess in Kenya with a vision to tap into other African countries.

Xpressy brings technology to leverage on the assets people possess for optimal utility, to bring a source of income while solving the emerging hyper local needs for consumers in the towns.

We have much to offer

On demand Rides

Driver partners closest to you show up on the map on your app. Once you click to request, a driver partner accepts and calls to confirm your nearest landmark. When on the move, you can see the driver partner approach your location on your app’s map.

On demand Deliveries

Whether large Corporate entity, SME or an individual who regularly has to dispatch a parcel  or send a document,Xpressy provides flexible and immediate deliveries with live tracking at any point in time.

Save Time

Using Xpressy boda allows you to beat traffic safely and certainly. Get to your destination or send a parcel to a destination faster with tracking and confidence.


All passengers are provided a helmet and a reflector by our driver partners. You will rate a driver on every booking as we want to ensure that you have the best experience everytime. Our goal is to ensure the most courteous driver partners help customers commute safely. All drivers undergo security check and vehicle inspection, as well as training, test and GPS address verification before admission to Xpressy.


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We’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact our support executives via contact number, our website, facebook or email.