On demand Services - Xpressy Mobility

On demand Services

Use Xpressy website or App to connect with a network of hundreds of drivers. You can request a Motorbike, Tuk Tuk or Sedan for personal movement or from a range of bigger vehicles for parcel and heavier deliveries.

Drivers will arrive in 15 minutes or be scheduled in advance.

On demand delivery​​

Last Mile delivery:-

Parcels, small packages, letters/Mails. We can pick up at any warehouse, retail location or office as well as a transportation hub and deliver using our wide range of vehicle categories in under half an hour.

Same day/Scheduled Delivery

Request or schedule Xpressy to deliver larger packages and luggage. We are the reliable, fast and cheap delivery service near you.


Xpressy will help you move your home or office by assigning a vehicle that fits the items you need to move. Get in touch with us via our chat support, phone or email. Its now easier through Xpressy helpers.

On demand Rides

Motorbikes—-Beat the Traffic, Save Time

Nothing beats traffic like motorbikes. Xpressy bikes will give you express service to your preferred destination

Earn with your bike

Fast, safe & easy income for a better lifestyle

Hassle free on time payment

Cars & Vans—-Travel Affordably and Comfortably at your Convenience

With just a few clicks on the App, you can find a car quickly and start ride sharing

Do you need to travel as a team, Xpressy got you covered with vans. You can make a booking today in advance.

Earn with your car

More solvency with a secure income

Hassle free Payment