Social Impact - Xpressy Mobility

Social Impact

Xpressy is helping create commercial activity by solving the emerging hyper local needs of a society.

Creating jobs

In an economy with most youths unemployed, this is an opportunity to earn decent and sustainable income. All that a partner requires is a motorbike/tuktuk/car/pick up/mini Truck, license and a smartphone to connect him/her to jobs to earn twice/thrice the average wage.


Wider reach for small businesses and corporates by providing last mile solutions. Availability of cheaper and transparent deliver system fosters more entrepreneurial ideas amongst people to create more SMEs.


We offer affordability to those who need it most. Motorcycles & Tuk Tuks are known to offer best fares and that’s why they are commonly used.

Extending Public Transport Services

Xpressy helps people get from home/office to a transportation hub or from a transportation hub to home/office. Parcels are also delivered from parcel collection centers to a customers preferred destination.

Asset Utilization

Your asset does not need to lie idle. Xpressy facilitates connecting them to customers in need of service as they are visible on demand.

Luring into technology

For customers without a smartphone and who have a privilege of booking through a call center, yet Xpressy is luring them to migrate to smartphones to be a part of the revolution of technology and transport that we bring to their geographies.

Productivity through use of Technology.

A wider demographic that currently does not use the internet or technology beyond entertainment and communication is able to use technology to make and save money and help build a network of a commerce system around them.