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Why Work At Xpressy

On demand delivery services have recently been on the rise across the globe. This involves leveraging thousands of part-time local delivery people to bring products to customers immediately or at the scheduled time.

Increased efficiency in products delivery to customers quicker is a way of offering superior customer service. With increase specifically in Ecommerce competition, delighting customers by having their package appear magically the same day as they ordered is proving to be a valued differentiator. This final step at which the package arrives at the customer’s door is commonly referred as last mile delivery. 

As more organizations, businesses and individuals are increasingly looking for convenient ways to move their products, Xpressy offers you at opportunity to earn additional income with a flexible schedule. From wherever you are, you can get hired by our wide range of customers that are looking for independent contractors for short term contracts. How much you make can vary on various factors such as your availability and location, season, time etc.

To get Registered, please ensure you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • A driver’s license
  • A smart phone
  • A vehicle suitable to do deliveries—Motorbike, Tuk Tuk, Pick up, Truck.
  • Car insurance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Must be 21+ years old and above
  • Clean background check
  • Basic Customer Care Skills.

It’s time to monetize your skills and services!

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