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AppiloWhy Your Business Needs a “Last Mile Exchange” Solution

Why Your Business Needs a “Last Mile Exchange” Solution

Today, consumers have become sophisticated; they are mobile and connected at all times. They employ multiple online and offline channels to access, discover and purchase and short on time want to have flexible delivery that fits their schedule besides having a transparent view in the delivery process.

In urban logistics, the last-mile delivery from the warehouse to the consumer’s home has become more and more challenging with the continuous growth of E-commerce. It requires elaborate planning and scheduling to minimize the global traveling cost, but often results in unattended delivery as most consumers are away from home or unavailability of delivery vehicles.

Xpressy Mobility Ltd has taken a new delivery approach of crowdsourcing delivery vehicles and drivers and can operate effectively only on a very local basis, and can gain few advantages by building scale geographically. With this, stores do not need to own a fleet of vehicles to fulfill deliveries.

Seizing on shoppers’ universal desire for convenience, retailers and transportation providers can learn from one another. That’s why business leaders need to prioritize it, too.

To allow businesses compete effectively Xpressy is continually developing our infrastructure to better coordinate and more accurately match demand for the delivery services we can profitably supply on a given day. 

Our solution to build a “last-mile exchange” platform will drive delivery decisions, and, crucially, allows businesses and transportation providers to collectively shape delivery demand and adjust continually to the inherent variability of the last mile. This exchange could deliver a win for consumers, retailers, and transportation providers.—Isaac Mubia Director, Xpressy Mobility Ltd

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